Estonian entrepreneurs and Irish scientists have joined forces to manufacture high-tech bedding solution

The Canadian Center of Excellence for Infection Prevention and Control (IPC) selected Sleep Angel’s Pneuma Pure filter technology among the top 10 innovations in 2017. The IPC stated that the technology should be not just recommended for adoption, but mandated. This is huge recognition for Sleep Angel.

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PneumaPure Travel Pillow is clean, comfortable and convenient, so you can sleep well and without worry wherever you go

About Gabriel Scientific Gabriel Scientificis a medical solutions company whose products are geared toward consumer wellness. Having created medical grade bedding and pillows to aid in the processes of infection control, the company has now expanding their line to include caring for the health and safety of consumers outside health care settings. New PneumaPure Travel [...]

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SleepAngel™ – recommended and certified by Airmid

SleepAngel™ - recommended and certified by Airmid. SleepAngel has been independently tested by Airmid Healthgroup. The testing proved that SleepAngel is a 100% barrier to allergens, bacteria, virus and mold while still providing airflow for sleeping comfort.   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EQjKz9eDDB0  

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