SleepAngel® Home Pillow – Microfibre Filling

//SleepAngel® Home Pillow – Microfibre Filling

SleepAngel® Home Pillow – Microfibre Filling

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SleepAngel™ is the purest pillow in the world! It’s scientifically proven to block germs, dust mites and other allergens that get inside regular household pillows.

Who is it for?
SleepAngel™ pillows are designed for anyone who values the importance of a healthy night’s sleep.

Do I need a pillow cover?
Yes, use your regular pillow covers, but be sure to change them weekly!

Why choose SleepAngel

    • Scientifically proven to block germs, dust mites and allergens
    • Soft and cool cover fabric
    • Easy to clean, no need to wash, simply wipe down with a cloth
    • Featuring SafeWeld seams (no needle stitching)
    • 2 year warranty

If you have any questions regarding which filling to choose, be sure to contact us – we’ll be very happy to help you get the best sleep possible!

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We all have a specific pillow-preference and only you know what yours is. With SleepAngel™ MicroFibre filling, you’re able to choose a number of different dimensions and MicroFibre quantities, helping you reach your own personal comfort level! MicroFibre is a really responsive filling that suits people who like to fluff and plump their pillow regularly.

The medium-firm pillow is ideal for side and back sleepers. Whereas, soft pillows are preferred by those who tend to sleep on their stomach.

FILLING MATERIAL: 100% polyester microfibre (alternative to natural down filling)

COVER: front 100% Polyurethane; back 100% Polyuamide


Avoid abrasive scrubbing of the PneumaPure™ Filter. Do not dry clean.

If soiled, wash under cold running water.

For general hygiene, wipe down with a damp cloth when changing bed linen.

Additional information

Weight 1.2 kg
Dimensions 60 × 40 × 16 cm

Low, Medium


50×60- 700 g filling, 50×70- 900 g filling, 60×80- 1100 g filling, 40×75- 750 g filling, 50×60- 550 g filling, 50×70- 700 g filling, 60×80- 900 g filling, 40×75- 500 g filling


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