The Purest Pillow

SleepAngel® Microfibre Pillow

Microfibre Filling

SleepAngel® Memory Foam Pillow

Memory Foam Filling

Scientifically and medically proven

The SleepAngel pillow is the purest pillow. Our patented PneumaPure Filter Technology ventilates our pillows with only clean air.

PneumaPure Filter has pores so small that it keeps even the smallest bugs out of your pillow! Dust Mites, bed bugs and their allergens and the hazardous ecosystem that can live inside regular household pillows simply can't get in.

PneumaPure filter technology is exclusive to SleepAngel and is used in hospitals in over 40 countries where our pillows are helping patients stay comfortable and safe from infection.

SleepAngel goes PRO!

We provide a controlled and comfortable environment for rest and recovery. That's why our pillows are used by elite athletes and sports teams. 

We are developing a new version of the purest pillow in the world.

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